Funniest things about Snowboarders!!

I think snowboarders are the funniest people to watch because when they catch an edge while trying to stop they and they ALWAYS fall on their face. Also most of the time they try to act so cool ,when most off the time they just look like idiots because there sweaters are covered in snow ,which means they fall all the time. They usually don’t know what the heck they are doing and just happens they think they are so cool there they decide to wear jeans which are freezing cold and get stiff.

The Thing that makes me laugh the most about snowboarder is when they are stuck on a flat cat track and they have to stop and take of one of their bindings and have to walk until a hill. Or they have to start hoping and they look like an idiot. Also I some times feel bad for the skier when they have to drag them with their pole and the border is basically just getting a free ride. Witch they shouldn’t.

I some times wounder why people even bother to snow board. With all the walking and u cant even to many tricks. Also they cant even go down moguls. LIKE WHATS THE POINT.  Thats my optional of snowboarding please comment or give me some tips to improve. 🙂


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