Old Chairlifts Win Again!!

           I am at Manning Park Ski Resort for the Christmas Break.  It is snowing heavily and the fog is hanging in the air.  We just arrived and were putting on our skis right beside the chair lift. The lift is at least 30 years old with rusty cables and creaking metal chairs.  I have to be honest, I am a little scared.It’s not the kind of chair that you want to trust your life with.

          I get in the line up and notice that when people try to get on the chair it is whipping around like a bullet. People are falling all over the place and being knocked down by the speeding metal traps. I am next,  the gate jerks open. I hustle to take my place.  I see the chair blasting around and brace myself for the oncoming impact. A terrible chill runs up my cold,stiff body. My legs are taken out from underneath me as I loose my balance and feel the hard metal ride over my back like a herd of wild bison.

          I open my eyes to see the bearded liftie softly chuckling at my expense along with many people in the line up.  Not only was my back aching terribly but my pride was too.  I finally collect myself and quickley scamper off to the lodge.  I was only going to do one run anyway I thought, as I slowly sipped my whipped hot chocolate.


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