Epic Day On The Hill

I wake up from my deep sleep to 1 foot of new powder, a sunny day and an awaited epic few hours with my buddies.  I slowly crawl out of bed to the smell of eggs benny and tasty glass of fresh orange juice my mom has so neatly laid out for me.  I sit down to the delicious meal and almost inhale it in under five minutes.  My mom and brother must already be out, considering I don’t hear them.  Eagerly I race to get my stuff on to go and enjoy the day. Once ready, I call up some of my friends,who are probably  already ripping it up. I tell them to meet me up at the bottom of the Ridge Rocket.

I  finally  make it down to were we are supposed to meet. The line up to get on  the chair is surprising small considering the stellar day. I don’t seem to see them so instead of waiting I decide to do a run.  As I am going up the chair, trying to look for them I can barley see from the sun shooting like lasers into my eyes.  Once I get off the comfy but cold chair, I choose to ski under the chair in hopes of seeing my buddies.  Also no one skis there so there will be untracked snow.

I shred up the new snow like a piece of cake. Waiting for the perfect jump so I can do my new 520  trick I learned last weekend.  There it is about 100 yards in front of me. It is the perfect jump, just the right size too, about 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. I get ready for impact, ready to launch myself to maximum height. Just like that I am air born soaring though the air trying to spin myself one and a half times.  I land on the ground backwards, I cautiously whip my head around to see what my fate is A HUGE ROCK!!! I swerve to the right as hard as I can, trying to get away from the monster. But Luckily it only gets a piece of my shoulder.

I hear a yell ” Oh my god that was awesome, do it again” all my friends scream on the chair above me. I look up and there they are why am I not surprised of course there would see me at my most embarrassing moment.

“I will meet you guys at the bottom” I yell from the ground.  Quickly I get up and race down the hill, enjoying this wicked day.


3 thoughts on “Epic Day On The Hill

  1. skiing is bettter snow boarding

    u r sooo cool and awesome I am leam compared to u

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