Silver Star- a Waste of Money and Time



So, first off, stop reading if you have any desire to visit  Silver Star because you will not want to know what I have to say!! Also don’t read this if you have ever enjoyed any of the runs, snow or even the people there because you will probably get offended.  Don’t even think of going there or even looking at any of their adds in magazines. You WILL now know  the truth after you are finished reading this.

I was kind of thinking why Silver Star’s catch phrase  is “My Mountain” because you would think that the place would be legendary like Revelstoke with its high peaks and wicked terrain,  not just some piece of crap mole  hill. I would say that their little village area looks more like my grandma’s old folks home than an actual ski resort.  And at least Big White is not so cheap they have to make their own snow, like come on if you have to make your own snow I think that’s a sign, the snow gods don’t like you!!

I mean, I know the same guy owns Big White and Silver Star but I think its kind of obvious which mountain he prefers.  Considering that Big White has way  more chairs,  runs, shops, condos and way more things to do like Tube, Ice climb, Skate, and even dog sled! I mean I don’t even think he has a place at Silver Star. I honestly think he is ashamed of Silver Star.

I hope you took what I said into consideration, and why you should not waste your money on buying a worthless day pass there.


2 thoughts on “Silver Star- a Waste of Money and Time

  1. silkymilk says:

    I totally agree with you! Big White is waaaaayyyy better than Silver Star!

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