The Ultimate RedNeck Truck

Could you imagine seeing this tank like beast on the highway? With the awesome American flag duct taped to the back window and a couch in the cab of the truck this a red neck DREAM truck. This truck is simply for tearing through mud and ripping the wilderness apart.  This is the most manly truck you’ll find.

The interior looks as dirty as hell, just what a redneck needs.  Imagine your 318 semi auto sniper rifle leaning against the dash while you’re looking out your wicked camo tinted windows at the two hotties in the lane beside you. Huge bolts duct taped to the two front tires for  scaling up to the front seats. This awesome camo paint job just proves that you’re  the new cool guy on the block. Kids run and cry when the towering shadow reaches over them.

Custom Tires provide you for spitting out the most mud,dirt and gravel possible at the lazy office worker behind you.  His dinkie wind shield wipers going, trying to stop the shrapnel from hitting his cheap skate little smart car running on an even more cheap skate electric battery.

Now this thing is so awesome it even has heated seats, and not any heated seats, these baby’s feel like they have been in Gordon Ramsay’s microwave oven.

The head lights on  this beast are 500 000 watts, that’s enough for your baby brother to go blind from 50 yards away with his eyes shut. And don’t even ask what happens when you turn on the high beams.

Now are you going to step up to the plate and buy this sucker or are you  going to keep driving an amateur’s  truck? This tank is only on for $23 000  so buy  until its too late.


One thought on “The Ultimate RedNeck Truck

  1. taluseveritt says:

    ill buy it for $22000

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