Epic Day On The Hill

I wake up from my deep sleep to 1 foot of new powder, a sunny day and an awaited epic few hours with my buddies.  I slowly crawl out of bed to the smell of eggs benny and tasty glass of fresh orange juice my mom has so neatly laid out for me.  I sit down to the delicious meal and almost inhale it in under five minutes.  My mom and brother must already be out, considering I don’t hear them.  Eagerly I race to get my stuff on to go and enjoy the day. Once ready, I call up some of my friends,who are probably  already ripping it up. I tell them to meet me up at the bottom of the Ridge Rocket.

I  finally  make it down to were we are supposed to meet. The line up to get on  the chair is surprising small considering the stellar day. I don’t seem to see them so instead of waiting I decide to do a run.  As I am going up the chair, trying to look for them I can barley see from the sun shooting like lasers into my eyes.  Once I get off the comfy but cold chair, I choose to ski under the chair in hopes of seeing my buddies.  Also no one skis there so there will be untracked snow.

I shred up the new snow like a piece of cake. Waiting for the perfect jump so I can do my new 520  trick I learned last weekend.  There it is about 100 yards in front of me. It is the perfect jump, just the right size too, about 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. I get ready for impact, ready to launch myself to maximum height. Just like that I am air born soaring though the air trying to spin myself one and a half times.  I land on the ground backwards, I cautiously whip my head around to see what my fate is A HUGE ROCK!!! I swerve to the right as hard as I can, trying to get away from the monster. But Luckily it only gets a piece of my shoulder.

I hear a yell ” Oh my god that was awesome, do it again” all my friends scream on the chair above me. I look up and there they are why am I not surprised of course there would see me at my most embarrassing moment.

“I will meet you guys at the bottom” I yell from the ground.  Quickly I get up and race down the hill, enjoying this wicked day.


Silver Star- a Waste of Money and Time



So, first off, stop reading if you have any desire to visit  Silver Star because you will not want to know what I have to say!! Also don’t read this if you have ever enjoyed any of the runs, snow or even the people there because you will probably get offended.  Don’t even think of going there or even looking at any of their adds in magazines. You WILL now know  the truth after you are finished reading this.

I was kind of thinking why Silver Star’s catch phrase  is “My Mountain” because you would think that the place would be legendary like Revelstoke with its high peaks and wicked terrain,  not just some piece of crap mole  hill. I would say that their little village area looks more like my grandma’s old folks home than an actual ski resort.  And at least Big White is not so cheap they have to make their own snow, like come on if you have to make your own snow I think that’s a sign, the snow gods don’t like you!!

I mean, I know the same guy owns Big White and Silver Star but I think its kind of obvious which mountain he prefers.  Considering that Big White has way  more chairs,  runs, shops, condos and way more things to do like Tube, Ice climb, Skate, and even dog sled! I mean I don’t even think he has a place at Silver Star. I honestly think he is ashamed of Silver Star.

I hope you took what I said into consideration, and why you should not waste your money on buying a worthless day pass there.

Dear my Dog Rover

    Dear My Dog Rover:

Why can’t you be a normal dog that does not pea on all my homework and clothes? And why do have to come to my bed and pant in my face in the middle of the night? Even though I love you, I do get mad when you poo inside my shoe, and of course I don’t even check to see if anything is there.  I can’t believe we bought you for such an unreasonable price.  You looked so cute but the minute you stepped out of your cage it was mayhem.   Please stop sneaking under the fence and crapping in front of the neighbor’s window.  Oh ya, and Rover guests are not chew toys.

Animal control has only had to come over twice in the last 3 months so I guess I could be happy about that. And I guess the neighbors haven’t come to complain about your muddy dog tracks all over their perfect driveway or when you thought that it would be fun to go and roll all over their amazing garden. I mean I guess it’s our fault, what did we expect buying a beagle.

I still remember the first time you came here, it was Thanksgiving and you were only 6 months old. We were having the whole family over, some even came from Vancouver.  The table was set perfectly; the wonderful place mats from Australia and the fascinating center piece of wild flowers my aunt brought all the way from Montreal. It was all going to be perfect. The turkey was being set on the table.  Of course you somehow slipped out of your cage and ran full speed at the table jumped up on it and stole the turkey right from the plate. And oh god did dad ever give you a whippin’. You never ever did that again.

Although it is fun throwing the ball for you and every thing, it  I am starting to wander if you’re deaf or just have selective hearing, because you seem to hear everyone but me.

How did you get to smell so bad? You’re worse than garbage that hasn’t been taken out for a month and my dads feet, COMBINED. I consider bringing you hiking, even though we will have to wear a close peg on our noses.

Vets say dog’s noses are 10 times better than humans, but I am starting to question that considering your own farts don’t even bother you. Your farts are probably worse than my older brother’s farts, especially after 2 cans of beans.   You’re flatulence is enough to make someone pass out.  And we think that’s enough to kill a baby bear from ten feet away. Maybe I should even feed you the top notch dog food that’s supposed to be the best stuff out there.

Okay, I know I might have only talked about the small annoying things, but you know in your heart I really do love you.

From your faithful owner,


The Ultimate RedNeck Truck

Could you imagine seeing this tank like beast on the highway? With the awesome American flag duct taped to the back window and a couch in the cab of the truck this a red neck DREAM truck. This truck is simply for tearing through mud and ripping the wilderness apart.  This is the most manly truck you’ll find.

The interior looks as dirty as hell, just what a redneck needs.  Imagine your 318 semi auto sniper rifle leaning against the dash while you’re looking out your wicked camo tinted windows at the two hotties in the lane beside you. Huge bolts duct taped to the two front tires for  scaling up to the front seats. This awesome camo paint job just proves that you’re  the new cool guy on the block. Kids run and cry when the towering shadow reaches over them.

Custom Tires provide you for spitting out the most mud,dirt and gravel possible at the lazy office worker behind you.  His dinkie wind shield wipers going, trying to stop the shrapnel from hitting his cheap skate little smart car running on an even more cheap skate electric battery.

Now this thing is so awesome it even has heated seats, and not any heated seats, these baby’s feel like they have been in Gordon Ramsay’s microwave oven.

The head lights on  this beast are 500 000 watts, that’s enough for your baby brother to go blind from 50 yards away with his eyes shut. And don’t even ask what happens when you turn on the high beams.

Now are you going to step up to the plate and buy this sucker or are you  going to keep driving an amateur’s  truck? This tank is only on for $23 000  so buy  until its too late.