Roller coaster

The eighty feet tall tiger striped roller coaster is standing in front of me.  Kids screaming and crying as they get off, adults even vomiting in the nearest puke bucket, some not making it that far. The smell tastes rancid as it travels through my lungs,  breathing it out as quickly as possible.  “Sir sir please come take a seat” the operator tirely shouts.  I sprint to the seat trying not to waste his time, rushing to pull the safety guard down.  People impatiently waiting in the lower line up.

             A booming voice comes on starting the count down… ONE… my fingers tightly wrapped around the guard…TWO… holding my breath ready for take off.  THREE …we zoom off traveling at high speeds through the tight corners and long virtual climbs. Suddenly the ground swallows us, people are screaming frantically. Someone, a couple seats back, vomits to the side giving the person behind a nice smell.  We pop back to ground level the coaster suddenly slows and starts climbing the eighty foot towering mountain.  I am breathing heavily into the lady in front of me.  Almost reaching the summit I start regretting eating the corn dog an hour ago.

          “Clik klak”  the machine goes, a few meters from the top. “AAAAHHHH!!!!!!”.  The roller coaster rips down the steel tracks reaching seventy mph.  The only thing holding me back from puking is the violent wind forcing it back into my mouth. The coaster reaches the landing area and I can’t help but to pass out.