One day me and my friend Patrick were at Big white. It was a nice day 12cm of new pow and we were going to shred it up.  After a couple runs we both decided that we wanted to learn a 720 quaked. We wanted to build the jump right beside his condo on a run called perfection. About 30 minutes into the jump we build it to be 4 and a half feet tall.  We decided to put a bit of a lip on the end of it so that we would get as much height as possible.  “I think that’s good enough” Patrick says as he looks at me.

       “Ya, I guess I’ll go first” I say as I trudge up the long steep icy slope with my heavy unconformable boots.  Finally I am at the top I click my boots into my skis and give a good hard push with my poles.  Down the hill I go in the crouch position, trying to gain as much speed as I can before I hit that terrifying beastly jump.  I see it coming. I get low, ready to engage. Suddenly I am air born, soaring through the endless ski. I slightly turn my body sideways and spin one full 360 trying to get the other but I can only get half.  I look down the snow is closer than I thought.  THIS IS GOING TO HURT I think.  I land….. on my skis I am alive, relief.  My back smashes into the tree behind me sending a chill across my whole body. I fall to the ground.      



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