Exploding Fish

      Jacob is 16years old and just got a new fishing rod for his birthday.  He is tempted to jump out his window and run to the lake to meet his buddys.  But instead he is stuck in his room grounded!

      Finally, he works up the courage to sneakout.  He is thinking about sneaking down stairs but there is the posibilty of  geting caught. Jacub looks out his window it is about an 8feet drop.  He jumps out.  Fishing rod in hand.  A little shacken up but he runs to the lake. When he gets there he does not see anyone, weird.  Jacub casts out his line, it takes 15min for him to get a bite.  Its a bigcone the thinks to himself.  Finaly he reels it in.  Jacub is holding is holding the fish in his hands it must weigh 20 pounds.  The fish starts getting hoter and hoter on till it explodes. Its fins slicing through his flese.  Scales cuting his throat.  Jacub is thrown against a nearbuy tree.  The impact snaps Jacubs neck.     



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